Our Team

Charlotte Belanger stands as a pillar in the horse community recognized widely for her profound knowledge and deep passion for all things equine. With a life that has been interwoven with the presence of horses from a young age, Charlotte has dedicated herself to understanding these majestic creatures, not just as animals but as beings capable of deep connection and communication with humans.

Charlotte’s journey began in the countryside, where her earliest memories are filled with the sounds of hooves and the gentle nuzzling of muzzles. This immersive experience sparked an unquenchable curiosity about the nature of horses, their behavior, and their incredible ability to connect with humans. Over the years, Charlotte transformed her passion into her life’s work, embarking on a self-directed path of learning and discovery.

How Charlotte Can Help:

  • Demystifying the Science of Horses: Charlotte has a unique ability to simplify complex scientific concepts related to equine biology and physiology, making them accessible to a broad audience. She shares insights on horse health, nutrition, and care, helping owners and enthusiasts ensure their horses lead happy, healthy lives.
  • Understanding Horse Behavior and Communication: One of Charlotte’s core beliefs is that effective communication is the foundation of a strong human-horse relationship. She offers comprehensive guidance on interpreting horse body language and behavior, fostering a deeper bond between horses and their handlers.
  • Navigating the World of Equestrian Sports: With a wealth of experience in various equestrian disciplines, Charlotte provides valuable advice for those looking to explore or excel in equestrian sports. From beginner tips to advanced techniques, she covers a wide range of topics to help riders of all levels achieve their goals.
  • Exploring Horse Breeds: Charlotte’s fascination with the diversity of horse breeds has led her to study their unique characteristics, histories, and suitability for different tasks and sports. She offers detailed profiles and selection advice to help individuals find the breed that best matches their lifestyle and aspirations.
  • Promoting the Therapeutic Role of Horses: A strong advocate for the healing power of horses, Charlotte highlights the benefits of equine-assisted therapies. She shares stories and evidence of how horses can support physical, emotional, and mental well-being, encouraging the integration of horses into therapeutic practices.

Charlotte’s approach is characterized by empathy, patience, and respect for the individuality of each horse. She believes in continuous learning and encourages others to remain open-minded and curious in their journey with horses.

For those seeking to deepen their understanding of horses, address challenges, or simply share in the joy that these animals bring to our lives, Charlotte Belanger offers a wealth of knowledge, practical advice, and a genuine passion for equine well-being. Her work serves as a bridge, connecting people with the resources and insights they need to enrich their relationships with horses.

Email: charlotte@backtherighthorse.com